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Worried about your children being home all day? Every day? FOR THE ENTIRE SUMMER?

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Summer break is coming faster than we might realize.   In just a few short months, summer will be upon us and the academic year will be finished.  Your child will be ready for outside play, exploration, and summer fun.


Summer Vacation: What Should You Do?

We’ve consistently seen a pattern with parents when summer comes: “Hooray!  Summer break!  No schedule!  We’ll go to the pool! We’ll go to every park!”

And then a week goes by and we get calls, “What should we do all day?  Any suggestions for what to do at home? WHAT SHOULD I DO WITH THIS CHILD ALL DAY LONG?”


When your child is home with you, spend as much time outside as you can.  Go for walks.  Explore new parks – near and far.  Visit the area forest preserves. If the weather is gloomy or too hot, head to the library.  Go to a museum you’ve never been to before.  There are several local indoor play spaces within a short driving distance.   A movie every now and then in the glorious air-conditioned theatre is a fun change of pace – just be sure to include extra physical activity before and after to help burn off energy.


And finally, when you’ve exhausted your list of ideas and options, rely on us!  We offer fabulous summer programming that extends your child’s authentic Montessori education through the summer.   Our teachers are happy to provide activities, lessons, social stimulation, and development-based learning opportunities for your child all summer long.


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