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Wings of Independence

Categories: For Parents / Holidays

During this time of the year, we’re bombarded with gift-giving guides for everyone in our lives, especially our children.  In year’s past, we’ve refrained from sharing lists of “Must-Have Montessori Toys for Home” (you can find hundreds of these with a simple Google search).  We have instead focused on encouraging our families to share experiences, books, meals, and time together.


During a recent staff meeting, Mrs. Jonelis shared this quote by Denis Waitley that she had come across while reading an article online:  “The greatest gifts you can give your children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence.”


Yes, we want to bring joy and happiness to our children’s faces.  A long-desired toy, book, or physical item is easy to give (and we all love to give physical gifts as well!) and gives parents immediate positive feedback in the form of a hug, a smile, or a shriek of delight.


We’d also like to remind you, WMS Parents, that you’re already providing your children with wonderful gifts: opportunities to practice their independence and learn responsibility and accountability.  These aren’t “things” we can wrap up with a shiny bow or add to a “This Seasons’s Hottest Gifts!” list, but these ARE gifts that we appreciate you giving.