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Why do you have to tour before enrolling?

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You Need Me to Take Off Work for a Tour?

When a family calls about enrolling at Wheaton Montessori School, we ask them to schedule a tour during the school day.  Without exception, parents interested in the school are invited to tour the campus while classes are in session.  Many parents find this difficult to schedule, given their own busy work and personal schedules.    But we find it to be a critical step in the enrollment process.


Investigating Whether You’re at an Authentic Montessori School

“Montessori” is not a trademarked or copyrighted term; it can be used anywhere and by anyone.  Schools may use “Montessori” in their name regardless of certification or educational approach.  It therefore becomes extremely important for every parent to tour each school and observe the classrooms to ensure that the prospective school provides an authentic Montessori experience.  This can be even more important for families who are transferring from another Montessori school.  During a tour, you can observe our teachers, watch lessons, study our prepared classrooms, and ask any questions to be sure that we provide the authentic Montessori education that you expect!


Seeing a Typical Day for Your Child

We encourage families to see the classrooms while the children are working with the Montessori materials and engaged in lessons.  We ask this so that you will be able to see a typical day for children your children’s ages.  We want you to see the work that they’re capable of doing, the care they’ll get in the classroom, and the community of students they’ll be joining.  Visiting outside of the morning work cycle can still give you a great vision of the school and an opportunity to ask questions, but it won’t let you see the beauty and genius of Dr. Montessori at work through the children.


Are you interested in enrolling for the next school year?

We invite you to come in and meet our teachers and staff, ask questions, and get to know the school first-hand. We want you to make an informed decision, so we ask that you dedicate this time to observe and investigate our classrooms.