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Why are SCISSORS in the classroom???

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On tours, parents of young children will frequently ask, “Why are the scissors out on the table?”  Or, “Shouldn’t someone put those scissors away?”

The scissors are on the table as part of a child’s work.  And yes!  Someone should put them away – but only after they’ve completed their work!


The scissors are out and available for children to use.  You may see them resting nicely in a tray on a shelf, ready to inspire the next young worker.


How do we ensure that our students are taught how to use scissors (or an apple corer, vegetable peeler., etc. safely? We start by introducing each child to the scissors and instructing them on proper handling. The initial cutting works are not complex, with children simply cutting small pieces of paper (which make their way into the “gluing work” either later that day or for another student). Practice with these simpler tasks and repetition allows a young child to master the skills needed.  As a child’s hand skills, attention span, and ability to sit for longer stretches develop, the intricacy of the work also increases.  Students will practice cutting spirals, wavy lines, or intricate shapes.


When the child is done,  the scissors are returned to the shelf with the designated tray, ready and available for the next lesson.  The classroom teacher and assistant are on-hand to help children safely learn how to use this everyday tool, so that one day the children may do so independently.




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