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Wheaton Montessori Free Library: Encouraging Readers World-Wide

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Wheaton Montessori’s Free Library: Encouraging Readers in Wheaton and Ghana!


At the top of our stairwell in the new building, a beautiful reading bench filled with books sits ready to welcome anyone that would like to donate or take a book.  We regularly encourage families to “exchange” books for new titles.  There is a “twin” of this little library in Ghana, in honor of Mrs. Bertha Taylor, a former WMS Primary teacher.  When Mrs. Taylor visits, she picks out a box of books to take back to Ghana to share with children.


Evie, a recent Kindergarten graduate, has participated in every book exchange we’ve hosted.  Last week, she brought in some extra titles to donate and chose a few to take home.  In this picture, Evie is sitting next to a giant stack of books – all donated to the little library upstairs for another reader to enjoy.  She’s holding the books she’s excited to take home and read with her own family.


A few months ago, we received this email from Mrs. Taylor after she took home a new supply of books to share:

Hi Rebecca,

I’m in my Father’s Family House in Navrongo in the Northern region of Ghana where it is currently a lovely 99 degrees. 

I presented a few books to the children around the house and these few requested that I read to them. It was a joy to witness their excitement, have them point and ask many questions.  One of the children kept shushing the others whenever they interrupted 🙂

Thank you so much for passing on  these much appreciated books, I so look forward to sharing them with various children around Ghana. 


Thank you to Evie and all of the students who continue to bring in books to share with fellow WMS families – around the world!