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Wheaton Montessori Celebrates: Kindergarten Graduation

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During our Recognition Ceremony this year for Kindergarten, 6th grade, and Adolescent graduates, Olivia Barker was able to capture a photograph of each child.  During the ceremony each year, classroom teachers read aloud quotes from their students about each honoree.  Here are a few of the highlights:

All photographs taken by Olivia Barker, WMS Parent Extraordinaire and mother of graduate featured below!


Karissa loves to play with me.

We hang out every single day except Saturday and Sunday.

Karissa works hard.

Karissa is funny and I love when we play together.

Karissa is kind and generous.

Thank you for everything you gave me.

I love EVERYTHING you do.


Ari loves to play with me.

Ari snuggles with me.

Ari is full of joy.

I love Ari.

I like Ari because he’s really FAST!

Ari is flexible and kind.

Dear Ari, You are very funny!  You are a good gaga player.



Cameron likes to play with me.

Cameron – he does reading with me.

I like Cameron’s hair.  And I like his shoes.

I love you, Cameron.

You are perfect.  You are great.

Cameron likes Adam and multiplication.

Cameron always loves me.

Cameron likes the monkey bars and me!

Cameron likes to read stories.



On the monkey bars, Adam skips two bars!

Adam plays with me.

I like Adam because he’s is smart.

Adam likes Cameron and plays with Cameron!

You are perfect, Adam.

Adam plays spaceship with Cameron and Ari and Rishi and me.

Adam comes here every day.

Adam likes the monkey bars.



I like working with her.

I love you, Evie.  I love that you showed me the addition tiles.

I love that you let me play puppies with you.

I love that you teach me addition with your golden beads.

Evie really cares about us.

Evie is kind and generous and flexible.

Dear Evie, Thank you for working with me.  Thanks for playing with me.  Thanks for playing Gaga ball with me.  Love, Your Friend …..



She works hard. She works SO hard.

She is always busy.

She is a good friend.

I like how she plays with her sister.

She doesn’t look up when she’s working!

She likes the story house and puzzle maps.

We are good friends.

Alina is super nice to me.

She does wonderful reading and writing.

She never gives up.



Shain is really good at math work.

He is very funny.

He is a hard worker.  Many of Shain’s classmates noted that Shain is a very hard worker.

He is good at sewing, especially buttons!

He does a lot of handwriting.

He is a great reader.

He is a good friend.

He is MY friend!  Nearly the entire class claimed Shain a good friend.




She is a good friend.

I like her.  She’s really nice.

She likes me and I like her.

She always has fun.

She likes to write.

She’s kind.

She does good work.

She’s really nice to me.

Many of Svea’s classmates remarked that she is a good friend who likes to have fun.



She works hard.

She is a good friend.

I like that she reads fat books.

She’s an excellent reader.

She’s a good helper.

She is good at bead chains.

She does a lot of writing.

She can work!


He plays with me outside.

He is so nice.

He is a good friend to work with.  I like doing the zoo with him.

He does hard work – like the hardest metal insets and stuff.

He is really nice; he gives me good lessons.

I like that he does really big work.  Every day.

He works a lot.

He’s very helpful.  He knows where EVERYTHING goes.



I like working with him.

I like learning about animals from him.

I like that he helps me with writing numbers on paper.

I like that he likes dinosaurs.

He plays tag with me.  He is like a “Tag Pro.”

I like when he plays “Bingo” with me.

He does lots of work about animals.

He is my best friend.  I love him.  We work and play together so much.



She helps me with the color tablets.

I like to play outside with her.

She is soooooooo kind.

She picks challenging work.  Like division with the stamp game.

She does hard work.

We play together at recess.  We always have fun.

Sometimes I get to sit with her at lunch.  I really like those days!




I like how gentle she is and she’s nice outside.

I like eating lunch with her.

She writes great labels.

She is a hard worker.  She is good at math.

She plays different games with me.  I like that.

She laughs at my jokes.  That’s important when you’re good friends.

We play at recess, like “hide and seek” and “tag.”

She is good at math and reading.  It’s like she can do EVERYTHING!

She is really nice to the little kids.


Sam plays with me and sits with me for lunch.

I like Sam.  He is fun and I like working with him.

Sam is generous and kind.

Sam – you are my perfect person.

I like working with Sam.

Sam is really funny and likes people who are funny, too.

Sam is awesome.

He’s really funny and he works hard with me – and sometimes by himself.

He is considerate.

I like Sam because he is super duper funny.


I like Brayden because he plays the best games and because he’s cool and because he does math with me.

I love you, Brayden.

I like Brayden because he is always super nice to me.

“Brayden and me” are best friends.

Brayden is full of joy.  He’s the best Kindergartner.

Brayden does the monkey bars all through recess.

He is kind.

Brayden works very hard. I like working with him.



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