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Wheaton Montessori Celebrates: Garrison’s Graduation

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During our Recognition Ceremony this year for Kindergarten, 6th grade, and Adolescent graduates, Olivia Barker was able to capture a photograph of each student.  For Kindergartners and 6th grade honorees, classroom teachers read aloud quotes from classmates about each honoree and share what they love about each child.  For Junior High (Adolescent Community) graduates, the graduate also prepares and gives a speech.

This year, Garrison S. was our Adolescent Community Honoree, graduating from 8th grade (his classmates are continuing on for their 9th grade year in Wheaton Montessori’s Junior High).

Having started at Wheaton Montessori School around the age of 3, Garrison is one of our longest-attending students.  Because of our mixed-aged classrooms, he has had the same core group of classmates for his entire career at WMS. One of his classmates shared: “After knowing you for 13 years, I can safely say that you are a nice person, that I have enjoyed getting to know.  I hope you a pleasant high school experience.  I will miss you, and I hope you do well in life.”

His classroom teacher, Dr. John-Marc Bilezikian had some glowing remarks about this outstanding student.

“I usually give advice at these things.  Garrison doesn’t need any advice.  This what I’ve learned most from Garrison.  He is almost imperturbable.  If something happens and he starts to get irritated, he does something inside his head along of the lines of: ‘That’s small stuff, and I’m not going to sacrifice my happiness.’  And then his smile comes right back.”

Before he left for his last day, he shared his thoughts in front of his family, friends, and school community.


“Hello.  I’m Garrison… During the time I’ve spent here at Wheaton Montessori, I’ve learned many things that I wouldn’t have learned at most other schools.  I’ve learned to grow; I’ve learned to explore; and I’ve to be the best version of myself.  I can’t put into words the gratitude and thankfulness I have for the teachers and staff at Wheaton Montessori School.  They’ve been there for me, through the good times and the bad ones.  For that I say ‘thank you.’ I’d also like thank my classmates and friends that I’ve had throughout the years.  I’ve had some of the best moments of my life and created some of the most unforgettable memories with them. Finally, I’d like to thank my mom and my dad, for giving me this opportunity to grow up and learn in such an amazing environment.  Thank you.”



Thank you for always sharing with us the “best version of yourself.”  We can’t wait to see how you change the world for the better in the coming years.

All photographs taken by Olivia Barker, WMS Parent Extraordinaire and mother of Kindergarten graduate.