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Wheaton Montessori Celebrates: 6th Grade Graduation

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Wheaton Montessori Celebrates 6th Graders Completing Elementary Program


In May, Wheaton Montessori School celebrated the graduation of several 6th graders, many of whom are staying at WMS for Junior High.  On the day of the recognition ceremony, each student was recognized individually.  Mrs. Fortun and Ms. Searcy shared their thoughts and good wishes for each student, then read off some of the memories and kind words their classmates had to say.

Jack C.

It’s hard to imagine, but this grown young man was once so little.  We wish we could have somehow let first grade Jack know how confidenty and admired you would be during your sixth grade year. Jack, you have grown into such a leader.  Your friends appreciate your sense of style (festive sweater collection that rivals the best) and humor, your sense of fairness, and your kindness with all who interact with you.  You are so generous with your time and talents. We’re excited to see what unfolds for you in our adolescent community.


I like his hair

He always hits the ball out of bounds in softee

He’s funny

He’s real smart

He’s too tall

A good person

Good at video games

He is my job team captain and he taught me how to do Kennedy.  He really knows how to keep Kennedy safe.

He’s cool

He was a very good mentor

He stands out because he’s tall and nice, and because he has purple hair

Best mentor every

I like his big shoes

He’s a good cabin mate

He’s great at softee hockey

He’s good at helping early el

He’s a good friend, one of the best reasons is he shares his food (and everything)

He’s very nice

He’s fair



If you don’t know this, Kiara has one of the best giggles/laughs around. Getting her to laugh is a badge of honor.  Her first grade orientation was hilarious because Mrs. Fortun had lost her voice, and she looked at her and said, “You should go home.  That doesn’t sound like it feels too good.” Kiara is kind, generous of spirit, and understanding. If you’ve made her angry, you’ve gone too far my friend.


She’s really funny

She’s nice

Good artist

She’s good with younger kids

She’s the best sister every

She’s smart

She does a lot of cool projects

She’s caring

She always remembers

Her Pompeii project was cool

Great glasses!

She’s a good mentor

She’s good at explaining things

She’s good at doing work and trying again

She’s good at tae kwon do

We’ll miss her

She’s patient

She’s a really helpful friend

Sophia C.

Sophia, I cannot believe you are graduating from Upper Elementary.  You have approached every challenge with determination and resolve, even when we could see that it made you nervous.  You never let it stop you. After you would tackle whatever made you nervous, you would say, almost instantly, “well that wasn’t so bad.” And then you would take your experience and encourage others. We have not once heard you utter anything unkind.  Your patience with everyone you encounter seems limitless. We’re glad you’ll be joining our adolescent community so we can keep up with all the great things ahead.


She’s super funny

She’s really kind

She’s smart

She’s good at compromising

Good artist

She’s real nice

She’s good wtih younger kids

Good helper

Very patient

Fun to sit with

She makes really good comics

She’s good at helping

I love her hair

She’s a good friend


She looooves the color red

She’s funny

I like gardeing with her, which was awesome

She loves narwhals



We have two words for you: softee hockey.  Even up to Will’s last day in our environment, he was looking for ways to help our classroom community.  We know we can rely on you to help out (or see a job that needs to be done). One of our favorite things to hear has been, “I noticed that….needs to be done.  Can I take care of that?” To which we always answered, “YES!” It’s hard to believe you’re graduating. You’ve come so far from the kindergartener who, when asked if he knew where Mrs. Berdick’s recycling bin, walked out to the enclosure, put his hands on his chin, looked right and left (very quickly), then said, “Have you checked in here?”  We will miss you next year, but are so glad we’ll be able to keep up with you as you join the adolescent community.


Good at helping out on the camping trip

He has fresh memes

He’s a good friend

If you want to ask about memes, he’s your guy.  Plus he’s nice

He’s a great goalee at softee

Good team captain


He’s good at lazer tag

He’s been an awesome friend all these years I’ve known him

He’s good at sports

He’s funny

He’s the best mentor

He’s a good sport

He’s a good photoshopper

He’s a good cabin mate

He’s a good mentor

Good at softee hockey

He’s a great soccer player

He’s reliable

He’s awesome

He’s a good gaga ball player



Warrior.  Kate joined our community as an upper elementary student.  What a gift it is to have you here. Even during tough times, your enthusiasm for learning and working has never ceased to amaze.  We can’t imagine you without a book in your hand. And, it has been a delight to see your friendships in this environment grow and see you connect through shared interests.  We have also seen you grow and develop into someone who does a great job of managing classroom practical life. You’ve been a great team captain, and we’ve relied on you so much this year (making sure pets are fed, getting those birthday books done…).  We’re excited to have you join the adolescent community so we can keep up.


Loves Harry Potter

She’s a good artist

She’s good at organizing birthday notes

She’s nice

She’s smart

I like her choice of books

Good at softee hockey


She’s fun to sit with

She’s happy even though she was sick

She’s kind

She’s a good team captain

She’s funny when she’s frustrated–she finds a way to laugh when she’s frustrated

She’s good at writing stores

She’s kind

She’s quiet

She’s great at trying not to laugh challenges

She’s been everywhere that I haven’t

She’s so nice I don’t want her to leave elementary



I wouldn’t be surprised to open a paper some day and see that Anish has designed a car or a new building.  He has always been a designer and aficionado of vehicles, engines, design in general. Mrs. Fortun remembers one of his first work fair projects was a 4 cylinder engine  fashioned from gelato containers. When I think of Anish, he will always be associated with our new rabbit Kennedy. Kennedy and Anish really took to each other, and it hasn’t been uncommon to see him hanging out with his Holland Lop buddy.  Anish is very widely admired in our community, and I believe he will be similarly admired in his new environment.


He’s obsessed with cars, but in a good way

He’s good at sports

He’s good at drawing cars

He’s smart

He’s funny

He helped me with my car project

He’s dope

He’s great at tag

He’s good at making cardboard tanks

He’s a good leader

He’s good at drawing

He’s very athletic and good at softee

He’s cool

He plays fair

He’s a good team captain

He has good shoes

He’s good at helping


While we were collecting quotes, a student said, “Shalin, you’re a geography nerd.  But I mean that in the best/coolest way.” If you have any questions about THE WORLD, take them to Shalin.  He’s your guy. As a first grader, he made some mistakes coloring in a map of Asia. After discussion with Mrs. Fortun, and plans to try again, he said, “Yeah, we don’t want another Cambodia…”  I love that his journal for his 6th grade year says, “Star Wars, Episode 7, The Work Awakens.”


He’s funny

He’s funny and ironic

Great at geography

Good at drawing country balls

Always has something to say


He has good Fraction Friends comics

I like him

He was good at helping in the cabin for my first trip

He’s good at softee defense

90% of his mind is filled with maps, geography, and country balls

He helps when people have trouble with their work

He helps me with my projects

He’s nice

Good at softee

He’s good at drawing

He’s the greatest brother ever


Taren joined our community as a fifth grader, but it soon felt like she had been with us forever.  She has taken such ownership in our environment. She’s quiet about it, but she is always doing something to help our community run smoothly.  We will miss you so much, and we are so grateful that you are joining our adolescent community. They are gaining a wonderful citizen, and we get to keep you “close.”


She’s really funny

She’s a good artist

You’re very good at being nice

She’s very kind


Fun to sit with

Good dissector of sheep eyeballs

She was a good mentor

She’s smart

She’s a generous friend

She’s the best

She has good projects

Cool volcano

You’re a good pizza lunch organizer

Great helper with projects

Her Pompeii project was really nice