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In Honor of Montessori Week: What Montessori is Not

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Montessori Week: Helping share what we all love about Montessori Education

This week is the annual Montessori Week; a week dedicated to sharing information about Montessori education.  Two years ago, school families posted videos on Facebook of their students sharing what they love about school.   (Please re-share if they pop up in your “Memories” so we can see them again! The students look SO young and have changed so much in such a short amount of time!)

In honor of Montessori Week, we’d like to share a short blog post written by Pilar Bewley, an AMI-trained teacher and mother, who chronicles her life as a parent on “The Full Montessori.”  She frequently has fantastic blog posts about incorporating Montessori philosophy into family life.


In thinking about “what Montessori is,” we’d also like to share Pilar’s article “What Montessori is Not.”  It’s a short 2-minute read, quoted below:

What Montessori is Not

Montessori is not a curriculum – not a series of boxes to check off. It’s a guide for understanding how humans grow. It’s a way of supporting how humans learn. It’s a means for finding joy and purpose in life.

Montessori is not dogma – not a script to follow blindly. It’s a conversation about priorities. It’s a toolbox for navigating parenthood with grace. It’s a dance with the imperfect realities of life.

Montessori is not just for the wealthy – not a ticket to career success. It’s for the homeschooling family. It’s for the public school family. It’s for the refugee, the migrant, the orphan, the elderly.

Montessori is a way of seeing and being. It’s a new understanding of the adult’s role and a window into the child’s soul. It’s a path that leads to trust; a path that leads to peace; a path that leads to life.

– Pilar B., “What Montessori is Not,” The Full Montessori. 


We’ve been enjoying your re-posts on Facebook from “Montessori Week” from two years ago.  Keep making those videos about what your family loves about Montessori and tag us!



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