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What Do You Want For Your Child?

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According to research reported by the “Trust for Learning’s Parents as Consumers,” parents of young children have very specific desires when it comes to what they want for their children out of early childhood education.


What do parents want from early childhood education?

According to the Trust for Learning’s report, “parents want early childhood education experiences that prepare their children to become capable, well-rounded members of society.”  Specifically, these parents wanted early childhood education to focus on the following:

  • Emotional development
  • Moral development
  • Behavioral development
  • Real-world readiness
  • Knowledge/Intelligence
  • Accountability
  • Sense of Self

We’d like to focus on one of these specifically: “Real-World Readiness.”  The Trust for Learning research defined this area as “interacts well with adults, prepared for the real world, well-behaved and polite, uses good judgement, able to handle failure and rejection, builds common sense….”


The Trust for Learning results showed that parents want their children to develop independence, self-reliance, being productive, and capable of communicating their needs with the world around them.


At Wheaton Montessori School, our students spend their days developing these traits, learning grace and courtesy, learning how to communicate their needs with both their peers and the adults in the classroom.  They learn to work in groups as well as individually.  Through the materials, they learn perseverence and success – through intrinsic motivation, helping them to develop a sense of internal purpose.


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