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Welcome to Our New Preschool Classrooms!

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We’ve Moved – to Our New Preschool Classrooms

On Friday, our Upper Elementary students helped Mrs. Rogers, Ms. Chiste, and Mrs. Berdick move all of their classroom materials, shelves, and furniture. Beyond our most optimistic goals, these hard-working and excited students completed the move in less than three hours! When we left on Friday, we were thrilled – and a bit nervous about getting it “just right” by Monday morning!

Upper Elementary students and Mrs. Berdick “Alumni” helping her move into her new classroom

After a few hours of hard work, Ms. Chiste’s room started to take shape on Saturday morning. After several MORE hours of hard work, she was ready for her students to come and explore!













On Monday, the new classrooms were ready to welcome your children back to their communities.

Preschooler Svea, reading in Mrs. Rogers’ new Reading Nook

Ms. Chiste’s class is hard at work in their new sunny room!