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Under the Sea Week

Categories: Elementary Program / Going Out / Summer Ideas

The Summer Camp theme this week for Elementary and Primary Camps is “Under the Sea.”  This is always a really popular and fun week!


Primary campers are reading books about the oceans, marine life, and exploring the world via the oceans.  Many of our older Primary students are making necklaces from modeling clay and shells to bring home as well.  Be sure to ask your child for their rendition of “A Rig of Bamboo” or what sea animals they may have learned about over the next two weeks!


Our Elementary Campers are spending the day at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago to explore the week’s theme on location. (Or as “on location” as you can get for “Under the Sea” week in the Chicago suburbs!)  Here are a few pictures of our students “diving in” to the topic.  (See what we did there?)

Thank you to the Shedd Aquarium for hosting us!


After their visit, the campers enjoyed lunch with a pretty good view: