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Categories: Grace and Courtesy / Holidays

Every year at Wheaton Montessori School, we give every student a new set of watercolor paints.  The classroom assistants wrap nearly 200 sets of paints every year for Ms. Lingo to hand out on the staff’s behalf during the week before Winter Break.  For several days, parents send in pictures of their children, creating beautiful works of art at their kitchen tables within minutes of getting home from school.  Students who have been with us for years will say, “Yes!  New paints!”  or “Our paints are here today!”  as Ms. Lingo hands them out at the door.  There’s something about unwrapping a new set of pristine paints and the possibilities that these vibrant colors promise that makes this a fun tradition for everyone at school.


Yesterday, Ms. Lingo distributed the watercolors to the Elementary students.  Today, two Early Elementary students came to the office with these “Thank You” notes that show just how excited the students were to be a part of the annual tradition once again.