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The Transition to Traditional School

Categories: Alumni / Why Montessori

During our annual Alumni Nights, we know that nearly every parent wants to ask the returning alumni, “How was the transition to high school?” (or middle school, depending on the ages of the students in the panel).



While reading an article in the most recent AMI/USA Journal, the author addressed this very question.  She grew up on the north side of Chicago and attended Forest Bluff Montessori.  She’s now a Montessori teacher at a school in Virginia.  She writes:


“When I tell people I went to … Montessori school through 8th grade, the question I get asked most often is, ‘So how was your transition to high school?’ My reply is always the same: ‘The hardest part was learning not to care so much.’  I distinctly remember sitting at my kitchen island during my first few weeks of high school, stumped on a Geometry proof.  I sat there, trying to solve the problem in different way, until I realized that I couldn’t figure it out, and I still had the rest of my homework to finish.

I say this because my Montessori education instilled in me a life-long love of learning.  Growing up without the external pressure of grades or tests meant that my motivation to succeed came from within.  I wasn’t satisfied to simply move on from the problem without solving it.  The Montessori philosophy cultivates in its students a desire to learn for oneself, and the confidence to know that not knowing the answer simply means I haven’t figured it out…yet.”  

-Greta Nagel, “From Chrysalis to Butterfly: A Montessori Child’s Journey,” AMI/USA Journal: Fall 2017, pg.3-4.




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