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Thank you Chicago History Museum!

Categories: Going Out / Summer Ideas / Trips

This week we have a cozy group of Elementary campers – perfect for visiting the Chicago History Museum!  Our elementary campers are exploring the Chicago area: its history, traditions, geography, and people.  As part of this week’s research into the history of our area, the students visited the Chicago History Museum.


Attempting to make the Chicago Dog (don’t forget the poppyseed bun!):


Learning about the history and mechanics of Chicago’s moveable bridges:


Our campers particularly enjoyed designing their own moveable bridges.  They had to balance the needs of boats on the rivers, people and vehicles on the bridges, and the desire for Chicago real estate.

Exploring a Pullman train car:

Learning about Fort Dearborn:


Exploring a model of the Water Tower:


Learning about steam engines and the importance of the railways in our region:

Voting on what the 5th star on the Chicago flag should represent: