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Ten Fantastic Fall Books

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Every month we like to share a book list with parents; this month we’re suggesting a few more fall books to check out at your local library.  Many of these are in our classrooms and pulled out year after year as the leaves start changing.


Lois Ehlert is a favorite in both our Primary and Elementary classrooms.  Beautiful language combined with illustrations made with real leaves make this book extra special for an autumn read.  Children can have fun thinking about where the wind will take “Leaf Man” next!


A quiet book that celebrates the natural world – a perfect book for Montessori families! “Winter is Coming” is the story of a young girl taking in the world around her as it changes for the seasons.


Fans of “Otis” will recognize the name Loren Long.  This book tells the story of a young tree that wants to hold on to its leaves, even though the world around it is changing with the seasons.  From Amazon:  A story of the seasons and stepping stones as poignant for parents as for their kids.



Include non-fiction titles when you’re reading to your child as well!  Many non-fiction books have gorgeous illustrations to draw a child in to the information.

We’re suggesting another Lois Ehlert title because we love her that much! Be sure to notice on each page the inclusion of seeds, fabric, wire, and roots.  Ehlert is known for her collages and beautiful artwork in her books.  This book provides children with a rich introduction to the life of a tree.  A special glossary explains how roots absorb nutrients, what photosynthesis is, how sap circulates, and other facts about trees.

An acorn is just the beginning!  “Because of an acorn, a tree grows, a bird nests, a seed becomes a flower.”  This is the time of year that acorns are falling; has your child picked up an acorn cap (or seventy) at the park yet?  This book can help children understand how the tiny acorn has such a large impact on the world around us.

” Enchanting die-cuts illustrate the vital connections between the layers of an ecosystem in this magical book. Wander down the forest path to learn how every tree, flower, plant, and animal connect to one another in spiraling circles of life.”

After you enjoy the book, be sure to point out the acorns and oak leaves in our school logo to your child!


A peaceful book that celebrates the month of November.  From the changing colors to family traditions, the month of November brings up feelings of coziness and beauty.  Enjoy Jill Kastner’s illustrations as you talk with your child about your own family traditions in cooler weather.


There’s so much to do and explore at the Pumpkin Fair! From the publisher: A bouncy rhyme and delightful artwork bring this pumpkin fair to life. The young narrator is ecstatic to be at the local pumpkin fair, where pumpkins of every size are on display—and that’s not all! There’s pumpkin bowling, a pumpkin pull, and every sort of food you can imagine made from the orange stuff, from ice cream to stew. . . . Christelow’s good-natured watercolor-and-ink illustrations are filled with things to look at and laugh about, including a marching band in pumpkin suits.

There are several local pumpkin festivals in the next few weeks! Be sure to let us know if you get the chance to try out pumpkin bowling!

Our Early Elementary students just read “The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate” as the first read-aloud of the school year.  This Newbery Honor-winner is frequently in the hands of any number of Elementary students, regardless of gender. The story follows Calpurnia, a young girl in 1899 as she navigates living with six brothers and a mother who believes strongly in lady-like manners.  She has a love of the natural world that seems to be met only by her grandfather’s naturalist interests as well.


Why is it included in a list of Fall books?  The story follows Callie through the the autumn months, ending with the first snow of the season.  As the author describes Callie’s interest in the natural world around her, it’s easy to summon visions of the changing Texas landscape.



What happens to all of the Jack-o-Lanterns after Halloween is over? “Pumpkin Jack” Pumpkin facts pepper the pages of this fall story as Tim, the boy in the book, observes his Jack-o-Lantern over the course of the seasons in his own garden.  Your child will learn about the life cycle of a pumpkin as you page through the illustrations and follow along with the boy in the story.


After you’ve read the book and Halloween is over, be sure to bring in your Jack-o-Lanterns for our compost bin!


This is the autumn installment of Glaser’s “Celebrate the Seasons” series.  “Simple text and bold, beautiful paper sculpture convey the animal life, plant life, weather, colors, clothing, and feelings associated with the fall season.”