Wheaton Montessori Staff

Christine Carrillo

Before accepting a position as our fourth Primary classroom teacher, Mrs. Carrillo taught both summer school and elementary Spanish at Wheaton Montessori School. Mrs. Carrillo has earned a B.A. (History/Latin American Studies) from College of the Holy Cross (2000),  a Master of Arts in Teaching from Aurora University (2006), holds  state teaching certificates in both MA and IL, and is now completing the AMI primary diploma program.

She previously worked full-time as a Spanish instructor for preschool through middle school students. Mrs. Carrillo’s two daughters attend WMS in our Elementary program. Her family’s attendance at WMS is the inspiration for Mrs. Carrillo to train to become an AMI-certified instructor.


Mrs. Carrillo and several members of her founding class.


Parent Testimonial:

“My husband and I were there for the observation on 4/18. It was so comforting to see that someone like Ms. Carrillo is around to keep an eye on Avi’s safety and ensure that he is happy and entertained while in the school.  Also, we have noticed that Avi has now started catching a few English words. One day he was telling me that, ‘When teacher says ‘sit down’, I am suppose to sit.’ Thanks for being such a patient and compassionate teacher for Avi.”  – Krina Patel