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Staff Meeting Conversations

Categories: Back to School / Spotlight on Our Teachers

Every Wednesday afternoon, the staff at Wheaton Montessori convenes for a weekly staff meeting.  Unlike staff meetings in many businesses, these meetings are usually more conversational and philosophical and a lot less tedious than many of you might be used to!


This year, we’re opening each staff meeting with a discussion about Grace and Courtesy lessons that have taken place in each classroom, how those lessons have echoed through the classes during the weeks, and moments of kind leadership that students have shown.


These discussions are filled with fantastic compliments about your students.   Small moments between students ripple into huge waves of respect between friends, even among the youngest preschoolers.


One moment yesterday shared by Mrs. Carrillo stuck out:


Mrs. Carrillo was remarking about how her classroom (which has nearly doubled in size this year!) has been peaceful, purposeful, and filled with helpful children.  One new student, joining us just this year, has been particularly helpful and kind to her students.   She noted that this child is always the first to call out, “You can do it!  Keep trying!”  or “I can help you!   Let’s do it together!”


Mrs. Carrillo called this young 4-year-old “The Sweetest Champion of Everyone Else.”  What a GREAT thing to be called!  We hope you all have a champion like this during your days!