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Solar Eclipse – What do the Bees Do?

Categories: Back to School / Beekeeping

Solar Eclipse and Bee Activity

Today during the solar eclipse, our Adolescent Community studied not just the changing skies, but the behavior and activity of our resident bees.


Solar Eclipse: “BeeHavior” Results

The students monitored the hives during the eclipse, specifically the comings-and-goings of the bees during three distinct periods.   They recorded the following:

Period 1:  bees departing hive-291, bees returning to hive-479.
Period 2: bees departing hive-208, bees returning to hive-182.
Period 3:  bees departing hive-412, bees returning to hive-307.

Dr. Bilezikian, in a cagey summary stated, “Supported our hypothesis.  What’s yours?”