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Should We Be Teaching Computer Coding?

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Technology in the classroom is a polarizing topic in education right now.  On tours with prospective preschool parents, screens and technology come up quite often  – and these are parents of two-and three-year-olds!  Recently on a tour with one such parent, the topic of teaching computer coding arose.  This isn’t the first time that our teachers have fielded the question of whether we should be teaching computer coding to our students.

Mrs. Fortun reflected on the question of “whether we should really be focused on coding as a way to prepare young kids for the future.”

I love the quote from Henry Ford – “If I’d asked the people what they needed, they would have said, ‘a faster horse’.”    Meaning, we can’t teach children NOW the technology of the future.  We can only help them build their minds to identify and solve problems, and to be ready to imagine the answers.  We are already preparing them to be innovators and problem solvers.

This has been the subject of many Parent Discovery Nights and CommuniTEAs: Should we limit our children’s focus to the current trends and needs of the world?  Or should we instead encourage them to think creatively, be curious, and think logically for the future?

Mrs. Fortun also shared an article from, in which the author says, “Don’t teach everyone to code.  Teach them how to identify and understand needs, as well as how to visually express logic. Teach them how technology works, so they can understand the realm of possibility and then envision game-changing innovations.”  You can read the rest of the article, “Should We Really Try to Teach Everyone to Code?” by Gottfried Sehringer here.  

Thoughts on the topic?  Share them with us below!



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