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Shopper of the Week

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Each week a family from each Primary class volunteers to provide some of the fresh food and supplies needed for the “Practical Life” area of the classroom.  Items such as fresh bananas, apples, carrots, cream cheese, flowers, or cotton balls make the list almost every week.


This last week, Evie’s family was the “Shopper of the Week” in Mrs. Berdick’s class.  They brought in a few extra supplies for her classroom as well.  Her mom reported:   “Evie loves bringing things in. She was bursting with excitement at being shopper of the week this week. All I had to do was drive her to the grocery and pay. She took care of everything else!!”


At Mrs. Fortun’s seminar this week, the focus was helping children gain independence and self-sufficiency.  One of her tips was to get children involved in grocery shopping, helping with errands, and being a part of the “work” involved in being a family.  As evidenced by Evie’s excitement, a little purposeful work can do a LOT in the mind of a child!




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