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Scenes from Elementary

Categories: Elementary Program / General Knowledge Fund / The Montessori Difference

Without a dedicated art class, how do our students learn about art?  Without a dedicated music class, how will they learn about music?  Math? Science? Chemistry?


During many tours, prospective parents wonder when music class is, what days the students “have art,” what time the teachers break for one subject or another.  In an authentic Montessori classroom, the work is interdisciplinary.  A botany lesson on how seeds travel may lead to an art project involving water colors, resistance, and negative space.


A lesson in fine motor control using the fraction insets can lead to a discussion on concentric circles, color, and Kandinsky.  It can allow older students the opportunity to direct a younger student in an art lesson that they remember from their first year in Elementary.


A World War II project might include an attempt to create an enormous replica of a tank out of a variety of materials.  Research into the mechanics and details of the machine allow the students to delve into history, engineering, and source materials.  Creating the replica requires attention to detail, sculpting, engineering, design, and three-dimensional construction.


When does an elementary student learn about art?  Every day.