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Returning to Her Classroom to Share a New Love

Categories: Elementary Program / Fan Mail / For Parents / Preschool / Read / Spotlight on Our Teachers

This student, a member of our Elementary class, was excited to visit Mrs. Rogers, her Primary teacher. She returned to share her love of reading and proudly display her reading skills to her previous teacher!


From her mother, “Since starting 1st grade, Svea has started reading so much more fluently and enthusiastically, and one of the things I kept thinking was, ‘I sure wish Mrs. Rogers could see this.’  And there it is. So much love and appreciation.  […] I don’t ever remember being excited to show people I could read. I don’t remember taking pleasure in it, it was just something we had to do at school. This picture is confirmation that we have avoided that experience with Svea. And it means everything to me.”


In our multi-age classrooms, students and teachers work together over the course of years, not months.  The bond that is built through purposeful work, lessons, and daily communication over the years is very special and unique.  We love seeing our older students reconnecting on the playground with their Primary teachers, returning to their first classrooms to display a mastered skill, or serve lunch during a Pizza Lunch Day.  Junior High students will seek out their trusted teachers from earlier years.  High school and college students will return to fill us in on their new schools, jobs, and lives.  It’s a wonderful feeling for the teachers and staff to have these students continue to share their lives with us, long after they’ve left the classroom.



Do YOU have a favorite teacher you’d love to go back and visit?