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Reading with Friends

Categories: For Parents / Preschool / Read

Reading – individually, with a friend, or as part of an all-class activity, is a part of every work day at Wheaton Montessori School.   Your children are surrounded by books, language materials, and opportunities to explore the written word.   


Children are guided by their internal desire to learn and explore.  The classroom teachers prepare the environments to call to each child’s interests.  Non-fiction and fiction titles are available for every age level.  Book selections rotate weekly to keep children engaged and perusing the shelves.  Reading can also be a social event, like with the boys pictured above!  Older students love reading to a younger classmate.  Students interested in the same subject might page through a book together or run over to share a fun fact or joke from a story they’ve just read.


What does YOUR student love reading at home?