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We’re Going to the Zoo: Preschool Songs

Categories: Kindergarten: It's a Big Deal! / Preschool


“We’re Going to the Zoo… You can Come Too…”

Before school adjourned for the winter holiday, Mrs. Rogers’ primary class had a fun time singing along to the popular preschool song, “We’re going to the zoo!”.  For the class-wide activity, each student was asked to supply the name of an animal that he or she would be excited about seeing at the zoo.   It left quite an impression in the minds of these young students; many continued to tell their parents about it in animated discussions after school that day.


We’re Going to the Zoo… And can write in cursive too!

While their friends in the preschool classroom sang with Mrs. Rogers, two primary students, Nora and Sasha wrote the names of their classmates on the chalkboard.  Children would fill-in the lyrics to the song with the animal they wanted to see.  Nora and Sasha, two  young preschoolers, would write the animal name in cursive by their friend’s name.  Be sure to look closely to see all the animals that these children are excited about seeing!