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Museum of Machines: A Junior High Collection

Categories: Adolescent Program / For Parents / WMS Programs
Our Junior High community has quite a collection of technology: new and old.  Many of these items have been donated by parents and members of our community.   Dr. Bilezikian wrote the following to share:
Thanks to Richardsons (epic ’70s rotary phone), Rogerses (antique sewing machine) and Hartys (stereo/tape deck/turntable) for contributing to our “Museum of Machines.”  It’s a quaint sounding term, but it belies a powerful concept in Montessori Adolescent Education.  Maria Montessori was fascinated with technology.  She believed that her students needed to be fully cognizant of technological developments, to the point of understanding how current technologies emerged from past innovations.
It turns out that adolescents are fascinated by these precursor machines.  My students love exploring them and are engaged by learning how they work as compared with how their current tools function.
Thanks so much WMS community.  We are always on the lookout for a new piece!