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Morgan’s New Lesson

Categories: Preschool / Read

Morgan, a three-year-old in Mrs. Rogers’s classroom, had an iconic Montessori lesson today: The Moveable Alphabet.


After working diligently with sandpaper letters, it’s possible for Morgan to write several phonetic words, even before the entire alphabet is “mastered.”   This ability feeds Morgan’s curiosity and drive to learn more.  The Moveable Alphabet is both manageable and motivating for a child: it feeds an impulse to write words.  This ability to write phonetic words drives the child back to the sandpaper letters to learn MORE sounds and letters.  They want so badly so express themselves, to create, and WRITE.  Once they have the first lesson on the Moveable Alphabet, the spark is lit.


As for Morgan, he looks pretty proud of himself, doesn’t he?