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Addition in a Montessori Preschool Classroom

Categories: Dr. Montessori / Preschool

Addition in a Montessori Preschool (Primary) Classroom

This student is working with the Golden Beads as part of a lesson in addition.  This 4-year-old is learning to assign a number of beads, which he has counted out, with a written number.


When he has counted out all of the units, tens, hundreds, and thousands for each number, he will add them together to find the sum.


Using the beads and manipulating the numbers in this concrete exercise allows the child to play and work with large numbers.  This child will continue to practice with counting out beads, assigning those beads to a number, adding together and recounting.  By using the physical beads, the child is able to form a concept for each number, preparing him for larger conceptual work during later lessons.


Have you had a chance to observe the “big work” that our Primary students are doing in their classrooms?  We encourage you to observe the classrooms to see what your children are discovering each day at school.