About Wheaton Montessori

“I’m so impressed with the teachers and staff who guide the children academically and socially. I appreciate the beautiful environment, the parent education and the children’s travel experiences. We also value the diversity in the school.” – Betsy Mitten, current WMS parent

“Cassie, Frankie, and myself love being a part of the Wheaton Montessori community and look forward to seeing Frankie continue to learn and grow at WMS. In the brief time that Frankie has been in Mrs. Carrillo’s class, she has formed a strong connection with her teachers and classmates, and has gained confidence in interacting with other kids–we couldn’t be happier with our experience so far.
Thank you for everything.”  – Dustin Perna, current WMS Parent 


The Montessori education lays the foundation for independent learning. Our teachers thoughtfully prepare classroom environment materials and activities that meet students’ unique interests, academic levels, and developmental needs.

We are proud of the knowledge and experience our Wheaton Montessori School teachers and administration offer our students and families.  Our Wheaton Montessori School teachers each hold at a minimum Master’s Degree and an international teaching certificate. Primary assistants are fluent Spanish speakers and are trained by the Montessori teachers.


Board of Directors

Wheaton Montessori School’s Board of Directorsis a self-perpetuating board consisting of parents, alumni parents and community members at-large with an interest in the mission and vision of the organization. Currently serving on our Board of Directors: Jane Bilezikian, Dawn Trouard, Emily Searcy, Rebecca Lingo, Mark Milligan, Brent Berdick, and Elizabeth Berdick.


Our Teachers
Elizabeth Berdick
Amy Chiste
Jennifer Rogers
Tracy Fortun
Emily Searcy
John-Marc Bilezikian
Christine Carrillo
Kelly Jonelis
Teacher Assistants
Esther Maldonado
Delfina Rivera
Bethany Schneider
Deborah Alvarez
Christina Ellingsen
Jordan Reyes
Ivania Rivera
Caitlin Krengel
Administration & Office Staff
David and Eleanor Lingo
Suzanna Mayhugh
Head of School
Rebecca Lingo