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Montessori at Home: Creating Consistency Between Home and School

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Bringing Montessori Home: Creating Consistency Between Home and School for Your Child


Allow your child to do all she can for herself.  Remember that your child is very independent at school!   Montessori at home?  It’s possible! Tasks such as scrubbing, dressing, putting materials away, eating, drinking, etc. are all accomplished independently by your child at school.  When you toured our school, it’s likely that you thought, “I can’t believe these little ones are able to _____!”  Your child is now one of these students, doing the things that impressed you on your tour!  


As Dr. Montessori urged, “Never do something for your child that he can do for himself.”  Children develop a love of being responsible and take pride in their independence.  Their capability and determination will only flourish if their parents allow the same level of independence at home as well.


Montessori at Home: Real-Life Tasks That Your Child Can Do

Assigning regular household tasks that are age-appropriate is a good way to maintain the sense of community and family at home that your child enjoys at school.  Students take great pride in maintaining their school environment.  Allow them to help in maintaining your own household.  Even the smallest children can help reshelve books and toys, place clothes in a hamper, and help in some way to prepare meals.  Older children could be responsible for preparing one or two meals each week, putting dishes away, or helping with laundry.   (Folding work is a popular task in our preschool classrooms; let that load of towels and dishcloths be your child’s responsibility!)


Take an Interest in Your Child’s School Community

Attend school parent education functions, parent-teacher conferences, and orientations.  Your child notices your presence and interest in her “second home.”   Our teachers love to offer help for parents that want to foster the Montessori philosophy at home; they see the genius and value of it every day in their classrooms.