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Milestones at Wheaton Montessori School

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From Ms. Rebecca Lingo 

When my sister and I first opened the doors at Wheaton Montessori School, we had four students.  And we were thrilled.  Before we knew it, our Primary program had grown to the point that we were hiring Tracy Fortun and opening an Elementary program.

Four years ago our Adolescent Community (Junior High) started.  Being able to go out into the world is a huge component of this program.  My parents, David and Eleanor Lingo, traded in their second car to help our school purchase a Ford Econoline for the first year of our Junior High.  That same year, we broke ground on our new building that now houses the office and three primary classrooms.

We moved into our new building two years ago, opened our fourth primary classroom (after starting with only FOUR students our first year!), and expanded our Elementary classroom to house sixty students!
The milestones keep happening.  Last year it was the one-acre wetland donation.  This fall every single classroom is filled.   And the Junior High has outgrown that sweet Ford Econoline.  To get our Adolescent students around town in a group, we had to purchase a bigger vehicle!

This new vehicle will help our Junior High travel throughout our region, shop for the meals they prepare from scratch daily, go on camping trips, visit museums and parks, and more. Our Elementary students will be able to get to local museums and parks and travel through the Midwest for their annual camping trips.

Summer Campers in our Elementary Class heading to Northside Park in Wheaton for the very first ride in the new passenger van.


“You mean its OURS? YES!”


My dad, Mr. Lingo, peaking into the new van. He’s also wearing a shirt designed by Elementary students after their last trip to Catalina Island Marine Institute in 2014. 

I’m so thankful for all of these milestones that keep happening as a result of our school community, parent support, and student interest.  Thank you for supporting our school.  Thank you for choosing to be a part of these milestones with us.


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