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Math in the Primary Classroom: Ten Squared

Categories: Kindergarten: It's a Big Deal! / Preschool / The Montessori Difference / Theory & Curriculum


At Parent Discovery Nights and during tours, parents are consistently amazed at the math that students are capable of understanding in the Primary classrooms.  One of the reasons for this is because from this young age, students can touch, see, and experience the numbers, physically manipulating them while figuring equations.


Above, we see a young reschool student figuring “10 x 10,” or 10-squared.  We see her counting each individual golden bead and labeling each set of ten.  She’ll be able to line up each bar of ten to make the square-shapes and match it to the example square, seen in the foreground of the picture.


At the end of this lesson, she will know that “10 x 10” is 100, as she has counted each 10-unit bar, lined them up, and created a square.  In other words, she has calculated “ten squared.”