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Local Treasure Leads to More Hidden Gems

Categories: Elementary Program / General Knowledge Fund / Going Out / Museum Visits / Summer Ideas

Last week in our Elementary Camp the theme was “Hidden Gems.”  Students spent time literally exploring the theme with gemstones, geography, and growing crystals.  But they also spent time exploring local gems, such as the only cave in the area, new parks and nature preserves, and more.


Last Friday, the went to a local treasure that leads to all other hidden gems.  


In other words, they went to the library to discover new books.  See what we did there?


While at the library, the students went on a treasure hunt of sorts through the rows and rows of books.  After all, on a rainy Friday afternoon, what could be better than discovering a new book?  The students participated in an impromptu scavenger hunt, organized by Ms. Lingo.


First, the students were to bring her a book they’d like to read from the 700.00 section of the Dewey Decimal system.  A few students knew exactly where to look.  A few were stumped.  A few went right to the librarian to ask for help.  Think about that: a student had a question, so she went right to the services desk to ask an adult for help.  That’s a great plan for a child in any situation where he or she is unsure about what to do!


One-by-one, the students found the appropriate literary address and brought back books that they’d like to read from “the 700s,” or “Arts and Recreation.


Next, the students were challenged to find a book to share that they have not read and would like to read.  The catch: the main character had to be someone who looked entirely different from themselves.  One student brought back to share with the group “I am Malala” by Malala Yousafzai. A sixth-grader remarked that she had read it and “would recommend it.”  A handful of students even knew that the author had been the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize.    The students discussed whether the looks of a character or “real life” subject could change the way their story unfolds, either historically or in current events.


The last treasure hunt was to find a book that they have read and would recommend to their peers.  Ms. Lingo was pleased to see so many “Battle of the Books” titles selected!  “Harry Potter,” “The Haunted Suitcase,” “The Doll People,” “Poppy and Rye,” and “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe” were also shared by the students as “must-reads.”