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Large Scale Art in the Elementary Classroom

Categories: Elementary Program / For Parents

Painting on a Large (Glass) Canvas

Several of our Upper Elementary students have made every morning more beautiful, and a lot more colorful, for their classmates.

During morning arrival, all Elementary students enter the Elementary building through the glass sliding doors at the back of the classroom.  Over the last month, a team of fourth, fifth, and sixth-grade students have been using the glass doors as a giant “canvas” for replicated famous works of art.   The first “installment” was of Van Gogh’s “Starry Night,”  seen below.  Walking up to the door in the sunlight was beautiful.  It felt like we were getting ready to step right into the painting.



This “Starry Night” edition of the elementary window art installation happened around the same time we started seeing videos for this larger-than-life exhibit, where the artists truly immerse the public in many of Van Gogh’s works of art.


One of our favorites in the Elementary “series” has been the window painting above, reproducing one of Claude Monet’s famous works.  When the sunlight streams through, the colors are absolutely beautiful.


Last week, the students cleared away Monet’s bridge and are adding vibrant color to the window once more.  Do you recognize the painting Lucy, a 6th grader, is reproducing on the window?


Please note the pile of boots just outside the door. There has been quite a bit of wetlands exploration over the last few weeks!