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Introducing the Newest Pupil: Daisy!

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A Sad and Sudden Goodbye to Our Beloved Olive

It was heartbreaking for us to have to share that our dog Olive had died over Winter Break.  She was a young 8 years old and had just gotten cleared of cancer scares, so this was quite a sudden experience.  It’s impressive how compassionate, confident, and openly your children of all ages have expressed their sympathy.

We take comfort in how many people loved her and what an amazing life she lived.  A school full of children and parents who loved her and kept her busy.  Our motto has always been a tired dog is a good dog!

Olive’s love for your children and our fond memories will continue to offer us comfort as we miss Olive every day.  We believe and remind ourselves of Mr. Rogers’s words “no matter how sad or angry you feel when your pet dies, one thing you can be sure of is that you won’t always feel that way.”  So while we are healing and grieving, we are also falling in love with a Daisy. 

Introducing: Daisy

Daisy, adopted last night, is joining us today for her first day as the Elementary classroom pet.  Ms. Searcy and Daisy greeted the Elementary students at the door as they entered the classroom today.  Many students sprinted to the Elementary building in anticipation of the happy event!  Once all students arrived, Ms. Searcy and Mrs. Fortun formally introduced Daisy to the Upper and Lower Elementary students.


Introducing Daisy to the Early Elementary students this morning.

Every one gets a chance to say “Hello” to the new puppy, who will help many students learn about animal care and being responsible for a pet, as well as experiencing the companionship that a pet brings.

Did you know that the Elementary classroom is home to an animal from every class of vertebrates?  Daisy is the new mammal!

Like Olive, Daisy may eventually spend a large portion of her time in the Elementary classroom.  She will provide companionship, comfort, and form a unique relationship with your children.  Daisy will spend quite a bit of time in these early months either crated or in the office while she adjusts to being at school, learns her manners, and rests up from the excitement of being a Montessori dog! After all, a tired dog is a good dog!