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Going Out Program: Shedd Aquarium Edition

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A thriving and parent-supported “Going-Out” program is critical for a well-rounded Elementary experience.  At Wheaton Montessori School, we’re very fortunate to have parents willing to accompany students to a wide variety of area museums, parks, libraries, and nature preserves.


Going-Out experiences are incredibly different from the “field trips” that many of us experienced as elementary students.  Here, the excursion is entirely student-planned and researched.  Instead of an entire class going to see the same exhibit regardless of interest, a small group of students plans a visit that culminates weeks (or months) of classroom work and research.  Only after classroom or local library resources have been fully utilized will a student’s proposal for a Going-Out trip be addressed.  The request must include the student’s “Why?”  WHY is this trip important?  How does it fit in with the work in the classroom?


Past Going-Outs have included visits to the Brookfield Zoo to see a particular animal exhibit, the Hellenic Museum in Chicago to see the exhibit on Crete after a “Gods and Goddesses” project, a trip to Cantigny to see the World War II Museum.  We frequently have students visiting the Field Museum, the Museum of Science and Industry, the Morton Arboretum, and more.


Yesterday a group of five elementary students visited the Shedd Aquarium in furtherance of their research into sea life.  Please enjoy these pictures, taken by their volunteer-parent-driver!