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Gaining Confidence Through Practice

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Sewing Work: Gaining Confidence Through Practice

Micky, a Primary student in Mrs. Rogers’s classroom, concentrates on sewing buttons during the week leading up to Halloween. He’s excited about the “spooky” buttons and tackling the task. He’s also working on dexterity, concentration, fine motor control, and patience.

In an August 2018 interview, Jesse McCarthy, author of the upcoming book Montessori Education, discussed the Montessori classroom environment.  He notes how crucial it is to set it up with the children in mind, using sewing work as one of his examples.

“…In a Montessori classroom for three- to six-year-olds, they have elements of sewing for the children to explore and learn. A child might sew a button onto a piece of cloth and, in doing so, not only learn how to sew a button, but also gain general confidence that she can learn new things by trying and practicing. Montessori created an environment for just such moments. You want those moments when a child is so engaged in something that is uniquely important to her, and she’s guided by someone who knows what he or she is doing. That’s the Montessori environment in its most general sense.

A great deal of thought and preparation goes into creating that environment. And there are five or six things in particular that are at the core of a Montessori environment. First is child-sized, developmentally appropriate objects. To continue with your example of sewing, a Montessori environment would never have a child sewing really tiny, tiny buttons onto things with their tiny, three-year-old fingers. They just couldn’t manage that. They work with larger buttons that are easier for them to manipulate while developing their dexterity.” – Jesse McCarthy of www.montessorieducation.com, speaking with Sarah Biddle during an interview for “The Objective Standard” in August of 2018.    You can find the entire interview here.





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