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For Parents: A Pizza Lunch Primer

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From Mrs. Penney, WMS Parent and Elementary Classroom Assistant (Emeritus) 


Pizza Lunch Primer


Next Thursday, our elementary students will be hosting this year’s first pizza lunch. It’s a long-standing tradition and a wonderful way for our elementary students to do some real-world math and learn about responsibility, all while raising money for pet supplies and other important classroom materials. Plus, it’s a nice break from packing lunches! To have your child participate in pizza lunch, just send them to school with $4 on Monday or Tuesday any week there is a pizza lunch sign on the front door. Elementary students will come to your child’s classroom to collect the money, and on Thursday each participating child will be served 2 slices of pizza and healthy sides like applesauce and carrots at lunchtime.


Frequently Asked Questions


Is my child required to participate in pizza lunch?

Nope! Whether or how often your child participates in pizza lunch throughout the year is entirely up to you.


Do I need to send my child with exactly $4?

No, making change is an important part of the work elementary students do when they host pizza lunch. Change will be made for your child and placed in their backpack.


Why doesn’t pizza lunch happen consistently every Thursday?

One of the most valuable parts of pizza lunch is that it is entirely student driven. The elementary students themselves decide how often they want to host pizza lunches, and they manage and plan everything themselves as well. We know it can be frustrating not to be able to count on things being the same every week, but the value of students taking charge of this process themselves is immeasurable. Signs advertising pizza lunch will be displayed in advance each week so you can send money with your child if they would like to participate.


Why does my child need to bring their money days in advance?

The elementary students do a lot of work to make a pizza lunch come together. They visit all the primary classrooms to collect money, give change, and add each participating child’s name to their list. Then they do all the math required to decide how many pizzas to order, how much money they need, and the tip required for delivery. They call and place their order on Thursday morning to ensure it will be delivered in time for lunch. This whole process takes a while, so we ask that you please have your child bring money Monday or Tuesday so the students have enough time to prepare.


An Additional Note From the Office: 

The Pizza Lunch order is placed by the organizers on Wednesday morning after carpool.  We are unable to add children to the count after that time.