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Creative Expression Workshop for Junior High

Categories: Adolescent Program / Annual Auction / For Parents / WMS News

Continuing on a theme of gratitude for the talents and generosity in our parent community, we’d like to thank Catherine Penney and Jill White for an experience that the Junior High was able to enjoy last week.


Creative Writing Workshop: An Auction Experience in the Classroom


Last Spring, Catherine Penney, a Wheaton Montessori parent, donated her time and expertise as a copy editor and freelance writer to the annual Auction.   Mrs. Penney offered to host a creative writing workshop for upper elementary and Jr. High students as an auction item.  Through the generosity of Jill White, another Wheaton Montessori School parent (and an unfortunate scheduling conflict for her own daughter), the event was able to be rescheduled as part of the Junior High’s “Creative Expression” curriculum, including even more students.


Creative Expression: A Multi-Media Curriculum Item

One of the major “blocks” of curriculum in our Adolescent Community is time spent for Creative Expression.  Students frequently use the time for painting, sculpture, 3-D printing, sketching, and more.  Ms. Penney helped our students express themselves in another form: the written word.  Through a variety of exercises, prompts, and more offered by Mrs. Penney, both hilarity and creativity ensued.

John-Marc Bilezikian, our Junior High director, was especially impressed by Mrs. Penney’s ability to jump right in – in a room filled with adolescents!


Thank you very much to Catherine for donating her time, experience, and expertise.  You gave our students another way to help consolidate their thoughts.  You helped our students understand that creative expression can use a blank paper as their blank canvas.