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Artistic Expression? Or Learning to Write? Both.

Categories: General Knowledge Fund

Some of our students love painting at the easel.  Bright paints, a paintbrush, and a large empty canvas call to them as they select their work.  Others love the colored pencils and a blank sheet of paper, alone at a desk to practice making marks.


Some prefer the chalkboard.  Many of our teachers prefer the chalkboard, too!  Students can practice over and over, brushing aside any mistakes or less-than-perfect shapes with the child-sized eraser that fits *just so* in their small hands.  Even when a student has mastered the metal insets, you may see that same student return to the chalkboard when practicing a particularly tricky letter shape.


And some students see the chalkboard as a huge canvas, ready for them to craft a larger-than-life chalkmonster to share with a friend: