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Celebrating Chinese New Year Together

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Celebrate Chinese New Year by Reading with Your Child

Each year our preschool classrooms learn about Chinese New Year. One of our traditions is to read these books, books that have been requested year after year.

Be prepared – every year when we read these titles, two things happen without fail:

  1.  Our students request new clothes; and
  2.  Our students start cleaning. DEEP cleaning.


Chinese New Year – Cleaning?!?

After reading these books about children preparing for and celebrating Chinese New Year, our young preschoolers consistently react in a surprising – and cute – way. The children in the books are helping their families prepare for large parties, new beginnings, and visitors. Our students turn and approach our classroom environment like the children in the books approach their homes. They clean and make the space ready for big events to take place. This happens every year when we read about Chinese New Year!

It begins on a small scale. Extra scrubbing, a bit of tidying up, and a small amount of dusting. But soon, the entire community is involved in deep cleaning. Major dusting, scrubbing all surfaces, and showing little(r) friends how to organize the shelves. It’s exciting to them to take ownership over their space and ready it for a new year!



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