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Finding Good Books for Children

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Finding a “Good Read” for Your Child


Mrs. Schneider, our Elementary Reading Specialist, shares with parents trusted sources for new book titles and recommendations.

At the elementary open house the classroom teachers discussed the importance of reading each night.   Specifically, they asked for parents to encourage at least 20 minutes of reading every night!  Reading can be independent, with you (either you reading to your or your child reading to you), or listening to audio books (read by an actual person – not computer-generated).

The following list of sources can help you find new titles, recommendations, and content-appropriate books for to interest a child of any age.
One good rule of thumb for finding content-appropriate books:  Ms. Searcy recommended if the character in the book is the age of your child or younger it is probably a safe bet that the content inside is good for your child.
These sources are great for any age child.
What Do We Do All Day? 
        This blog has list on age groups, themes, picture books, chapter books, even poetry!  It is a great for all ages.

Common Sense Media

      Common Sense Media is a great resource if you want to find out what is inside the book (or movie).  On this page they list books by age group.  When you click on a book title you can get more information about the book, for example, if there are “scary parts.”

Imagination Soup

   This website lists books mostly by age.  It also lists some by genre.  It does have more advertisements on it than the others sites listed.
Local books shops
Hope this helps you in finding great book!  Happy Reading!
– Mrs. Schneider