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Adolescent Community Partners with Two Brothers Coffee Roasters

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Most days we share news that is pertains more to our Primary and Elementary Classrooms.  One reason is that our Adolescent Community students tend to enjoy being out of the spotlight and free to go about their days without photos or interruptions. Today is one of those days that just needs to be shared!

A few years ago, the Adolescent Community sold coffee during morning drop-off to on-the-go parents. As part of their “microeconomy” efforts, the students learned customer service, how to take inventory of a product, acquired retail experience, and had a great amount of experience in handling money and a budget.

When we moved into the new building and the drop-off line changed locations, the students had to start from scratch on how to carry on their coffee business. After several months of brainstorming and a few different sales pitches, the Adolescent Community has had an amazing turn of coffee events!

Last week, the team of students in charge of this branch of the microeconomy met with Two Brothers Coffee Roasters in Warrenville, hoping to feature their coffee as part of the coffee sales.  Two Brothers Coffee Roasters has fully embraced these students and has worked with them to launch a new coffee-sales effort well-beyond those early brainstorming dreams.  The opportunity given to these students is a dream come true.  Mason Brown, the Head Roaster at Two Brothers, gave the students a tour of their warehouse and roasting facility, discussed supply and demand, and explored potential projects with the “Coffee Team.” (Another great connection: Mason’s children were “Montessori kids” when they were younger.)


Inspecting the delivery today of beans roasted just hours ago.

Today, Two Brothers Coffee Roasters delivered both bulk beans for the students to brew and sell during morning coffee AND a special “Wheaton Montessori” coffee blend, roasted TODAY for the students to sell. The students have done extensive market research to set their prices competitively, offer a product for the parent community that will be in high-demand, and create a punch-card system to ease the sales-traffic-jams that were an early concern when pitching the idea.


Another new task that allowed the students to play to individual interests and strength: labeling and marketing.  One of Adolescent Students asked for an received permission to combine the Wheaton Montessori School and Two Brothers Coffee Roasters logos specifically for this project.  This logo mash-up will be featured on the punch cards that the students are making. (Word on the playground is that if you buy a punch-card on the first day, a free cup of coffee is included!)

Reviewing the bill of lading with L.T., manager at Two Brothers Coffee Roasters

The  students  took  delivery this afternoon from L.T., the production manager walking the students through this process. He went through with them how a traditional retailer would take delivery of a shipment, helped them read the bill of lading,  and discussed inspection of goods upon delivery.

The initial shipment also included several boxes for display.  At this point, Jack, one of the students, noticed that the delivery was addressed to “Our Friends on Gary Avenue.”

Two  Brothers also worked to create a special label for the new “Wheaton Montessori” blend and asked for creative input from our students. We love that they made it so similar to our school logo!  This size of ground coffee will be sold to parents at a price similar – if not lower than – neighboring grocery stores. As of today, a 12-ounce bag of beans will retail for $12.


Kelly Jonelis, Math Specialist for the Adolescent Community, shows the special label to Ms. Rivera, classroom assistant (and WMS alum). Not picture: Ms. Chiste cheering in the window of her own classroom down the hall.

Jack and Will, pictured above, have been spearheading the effort to reintroduce coffee sales.  Will designed the new logo and Jack has been the designated speaker for most sales pitches.  Before L.T. left, he wished the students good luck and thanked them for their partnership.  Thank you, Two Brothers Coffee Roasters, for working with our students and supporting their ideas and efforts!



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