Admissions Information


Enrollment Opportunities

Wheaton Montessori School is accepting applications for both full and part-time preschool programs. Schedule a tour to begin the enrollment process.  


Wheaton Montessori School’s  Kindergarten, Elementary, and Junior High programs are typically filled with re-enrolling WMS students. We occasionally admit students for elementary and 7th grades as opportunities open. Please have the director of your AMI-certified school contact us if you are relocating to our area. We will make every attempt possible to accommodate children transferring from other AMI schools with continuous Montessori educational experience.


Wheaton Montessori School’s Admission Policy

We strive to maintain classrooms balanced in age and gender. Previous Montessori experience, readiness, and the age and gender of the child (as they relate to our goal of balanced classrooms) will be considered as a basis for the classroom assignment.

At WMS, we are proud of our reputation as the only AMI recognized school in the western suburbs. Our staff and student body are relatively small and the resulting community is closely knit and unique. Admission includes a specific set of steps to ensure parents know as much about our school and the Montessori Method as possible.