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How To Accept a Gift, According to Preschoolers

Categories: Grace and Courtesy / Holidays / Montessori At Home

Grace and Courtesy lessons are a daily part of your child’s life at Wheaton Montessori School.  It may be a reminder to them as to how to wait patiently in line.  A common theme is how to include friends in a lesson, game, or for lunch.

In the past few weeks, many students have been excitedly discussing the possibility of gifts. These discussions have led to some very cute grace and courtesy lessons: How to Receive a Gift, How to Say Thank You, What if You Don’t Like the Gift?, How to Give a Gift, and more.


We were lucky to overhear one preschooler describing the Grace and Courtesy lesson on the topic of “How to Receive a Gift.”   It went like this:


“Mrs. Rogers taught us how to accept a present today.  You say, ‘Thank you,’ and then you say your friend’s name.  So you say, ‘Thank you, John T.’.  And that’s how you accept a present.”  


Simple to us, right?  And yet – it’s still a lesson that these children practice and learn over time.


Last week, a grandfather in Mrs. Rogers’s class was here to observe his grandson and classmates working.  During the observation, he observed several Grace and Courtesy lessons.”  On his way out, he stopped at the office to say goodbye.  He remarked, “What an idea – an education for courtesy and grace.  If we all did it, what a different world we could live in.”  


Accepting a gift graciously and politely is a small act.  But learning to act graciously and politely with our peers is an act that ripples throughout our community and world.





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