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A Trip to Cantigny

Categories: Elementary Program / Going Out / Summer Ideas

Our Elementary Campers this year are spending their afternoon recess times exploring our local parks, playgrounds and forest preserves.  This week they tried out the new (huge!) playground at Cantigny.


As part of this weeks “Local Hidden Gems” week, the Elementary camp has visited a cave at Red Oak Nature Center, grown their own crystals in the classroom, studied the geometry of gems, and visited several local parks for the first time.  While the playground at Northside Park in Wheaton seems to be a familiar favorite, these students have enjoyed discovering many “local gems” for their outside play and physical activity time.


One such visit this week took the students to Cantigny.  Cantigny, a local “gem” for many reasons, is filled with nature walks, gardens, fountains, museums, and even tanks!  This year, Cantigny has added a huge new playground filled with obstacles for all ages.  The Elementary campers put the new playground equipment “through the ropes” to test it out – and it earned their approval as a “local gem.”