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A Beautiful Note from a Primary Student’s Parent

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We know we have the best parents at our school. Active in our community, supportive of the staff, passionate about our methods, and devoted to their children. A few days ago, that was confirmed by a simple Facebook post.

This week, we asked the parents at our school to help us share our school’s video, which they did, because we have the best parents. There were so many lovely things said about teachers, staff, and the changes that they’ve seen in their children since attending Wheaton Montessori. We were so excited about the overall support shown – and a little emotional as well.

One post by a Primary student’s parent stunned us. Before sharing the link to our school video, Sarah Y. wrote:

“There are so many posts in my newsfeed right now about the Orlando shooting, both grieving and blaming. One of my fervent hopes for my children is that they will grow up with so much love and compassion for others that violence of all kinds, as well as the retributive rhetoric that follows, will be completely anathema to them.

In the wake of WWI, Maria Montessori believed that early childhood education was the way to bring about world peace. Teach the children not to hate.

This is my daughter’s amazing school. Among many other important lessons, she is learning love and compassion for others. I’m so proud of her, and so proud of them.”

Thank you for your beautiful words. We are so lucky to have parents like you supporting us.

As Sarah expressed, Dr. Montessori did indeed believe that education is the answer for world peace. Teaching our children to be adults capable of conflict resolution, understanding, and finding solutions to escalating conflict is a mission that we’re proud to accept.