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50th Anniversary Card Drive

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A 50th Wedding Anniversary: A Reason to Celebrate

Mrs. Lingo, reading to early morning drop-off children for her daily “Reading Circle.” From the day the school opened, Mrs. Lingo has read aloud to children who are part of our “Extended Day” program.

When Rebecca and Elizabeth first bought the school, Mr. and Mrs. Lingo put in HOURS of back-breaking work cleaning to help prepare the new school.  Rebecca: “The amount of hard candy stuck to every surface was unbelievable.”


Did you know that Mr. Lingo planned the new building, where the current office and Primary classrooms are?  He planned the Elementary Building to maximize space for the children.  Rebecca says: “He matched our dreams.  We wanted windows, so he gave Liz and I windows in every class.  He tore down walls himself.  He added light.  When our first consultant said we needed to make this school welcoming and inviting, my mom brought in linen tablecloths and her own silver for the polishing work.”



Mr. Lingo proudly holding our permit for “Permanent Occupancy” for the newest building on the Wheaton Montessori campus.

Mrs. Lingo still answers the door for every child, every day. She’s your child’s first impression of the school, greeting them with a handshake, a smile, and a “welcome!” Mr. Lingo reports for work in the office every day at 7:00 a.m. to be sure that the school is brightly lit, warm, and inviting for our children.



On March 23rd, Mr. and Mrs. Lingo will have been married for FIFTY years.  And they’ll be at school, greeting your children like it’s any other day.   To help them celebrate the day, because it’s not just any other day, we’re asking for your help!


Fiftieth Anniversary Card Drive: Please help us celebrate!


Mr. and Mrs. Lingo will be celebrating their FIFTIETH wedding anniversary next week. We’ve planned a card drive to help recognize the day; we are hoping to include as many WMS families as possible. If you’d like to help celebrate, please bring the happy couple a card to drop-off anytime over the next few weeks.  Mrs. Mayhugh has extra note cards in the office if you’d like to grab one and be a part of the fun.

Alumni: Please join us!  Send your cards to Mr. and Mrs. Lingo, c/o Wheaton Montessori School, 1980 N. Gary Avenue, Wheaton, IL 60187.