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Teaching a Global Perspective

Even from a very young age, Montessori children are taught geography through the lens of the whole world.  They learn about the continents when they are as young as three years old.  These studies often include learning about biomes, instead of an emphasis on political boundaries.  Teaching about the world in this way gives children a sense of the natural world and people as a whole as primary to different countries.


The emphasis on geography in Montessori education beings in the Primary classrooms, with children as young as 2.5-years-old.   Puzzle maps provide a starting-point for discussing the people that live in these far-off places.  Geography folders celebrate both the similarities we have with others across the globe and the unique qualities that these cultures have.


When fine-motor skills are strong enough, students begin making their own maps.  This is a huge work area in the Primary classroom.  It’s a creative outlet, a handwriting lesson, a geography lesson, and more.  Students make maps during their entire “career” in primary.