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Orientating to a New Environment


With so many new students joining us this summer and the start of the new school year upon us, we wanted to focus for a moment on how children join a new setting.  Each child, like each adult, is unique.  Each child requires and desires something different from classmates, teachers, and parents.


Some children (and adults too) orient to a new environment by doing, doing, DOING!  They jump right into an activity and learn “on the go.”  Others prefer to watch, observing their peers, and take a bit of time to figure it out before getting involved.


This new friend is checking out the sink – all of the washing, scrubbing, filling of pitchers, waiting in line.  On another day, he’ll be ready to give it a go.


In fact, this second image shows the same child on his second day of school.   The day before, he observed his classmates at the sink, working with the water.  On this day, he was really enjoying the sink!


We all need to orient ourselves to new places, but we all express this need uniquely.  How do you prefer to adjust to a new environment?  Do you jump in and learn by doing?  Or do you hang back and observe before trying something new?